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Fonts of the month: September.

As usual, here I bring you the best fonts released on this past month. September was a bit slow month in the typography scene but that doesn’t stop many designers of bring fabulous, good looking fonts. Since all this fonts have been released this month a lot of them have introductory discounts. You can check all the details clicking the name of the font you like:

  1. Nexa Rust (82% off)
  2. Harman (84% off)
  3. Factoria (70% off)
  4. Cervo (90% off)
  5. Core Escher (50% off)
  6. Hollyhock (free download ornaments)
  7. Uberschrift 
  8. Magma II (50% off)
  9. Orgon Slab
  10. Gibbs (50% off)
  11. Conto (free demo)
  12. Tansy (25% off)
  13. Nautica (30% off)
  14. Ridewell (20% off)
  15. Maker Aid (60% off)
  16. Uomo (80% off)
  17. Bemol (39% off)
  18. Estandar Rounded (70% off)
  19. Aguda (80% off)
  20. Halogen Flare
  21. Voga 
  22. Predy (45% off)
  23. Social Gothic
  24. Bango Pro (50% off)

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Casa En Las Rocas - Mexico

Set along the splendid Mexican Riviera in Troncones, Casa En Las Rocas enjoys its own infinity pool and private, unspoilt beach. Conceived by renowned architect Enrique Zozaya, the villa features a stunning design that blends African, Indonesian, and Mexican styles to create a unique, luxurious retreat. The sleek rooms have tasteful, eclectic decors with state-of-the-art technology and ethnic patterns, and the chic outdoor spaces range from a sprawling traditional Palapa to oceanfront sitting/dining areas and lovely open-air showers.